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Welcome to Australia’s premier online jeweller for designer inspired and celebrity style simulated cz diamond sterling silver jewellery.

We are designer's and manufacturers of high end quality silver jewellery. Our aim is to give you the designer and celebrity look without the price tag!

We are constantly designing new and exciting collections to keep up with the ever changing fashion world. use only the finest quality 925 sterling silver, rhodium, high grade simulated diamonds and pearls that not even the experts can tell the difference with the naked eye. You will be amazed at how much your will jewels sparkle. Our premier quality jewellery have established Hollywood Style as a leader in the simulated cz diamond industry worldwide.

Sterling silver alone or combined with simulated diamonds, makes a statement like no other jewellery can. It compliments any outfit, whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a beautiful gown. Because our pieces are so affordable, women are able to acquire pieces to suit all their moods and desires. .

We love hearing what products our customers would like to see in store. So if you have any new styles or extra colours you would like. Please send us your ideas.

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DISCLAIMER does not sell items manufactured or licensed by any famous designer. Even though many of the products sold on our site may look similar to those sold by famous designers and worn by Hollywood stars, they are not made by any famous designer nor are they endorsed by any Hollywood star.

We sell affordable reproductions or replicas of popular designs, or adaptations of designs that are comparable in quality to products sold by famous designers and manufacturers. They do not come stamped with the designer's logo or in a logo box. We do not violate any copyright laws.

Unless specifically stated, when we show pictures of celebrities wearing jewellery on our web site, we do not claim that the jewellery worn by those celebrities is jewellery, nor do we claim that the jewellery they are wearing is exactly the same as the jewellery we sell at, or that the celebrities are endorsing These pictures are simply showing that these fashionable people are wearing jewellery of a similar style to jewellery available at

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